Ben Colclough

3D Game Development

GoldenEye/Perfect Dark Level Viewer

The GE/PD Level viewer is a simple program which allows users to look at all the levels from GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. It can be used to study the games' level design or simply to look at some of the greatest FPS levels ever made from a new perspective.

While making the program, I noticed some curiosities. I took note of those things and compiled a page about them here.

The Level Viewer is made with Unreal Engine 4. I used the GoldenEye and Perfect Dark Setup Editors to extract the original models and textures. Many thanks to Subdrag and the dedicated hackers who created the GoldenEye and Perfect Dark Setup Editors. Without their hard work, I would never have been able to make this.

When you load a level, press space or tab to switch between first person and free cam modes.

Download the Level Viewer

How to change resolution:

Open the console(~) and enter in this command: setres widthxheight. Example: setres 1920x1080 . Append 'f' to the end to go fullscreen. Example: setres 1920x1080f .

Current issues:

Both GE and PD allow parts of the level to overlap, but you don't know this when you're playing the games because the engine hides the parts of the levels you don't need to see. For example, load Carrington Institue and you'll see the Institute's exterior actually cuts into the interior quite substantially. Because of this, as well as the lack of working ladders and elevators, you may not be able to fully explore all levels in the first person mode. If you fall out of the level just press 'R' to reset the first person player. Also, the player collision height for the Perfect Dark levels isn't quite right, so you may need to crouch to get through some doors. It's possible I'll solve these issues in a future update.

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