Two constipation Remedies You Need To Know About?

Constipation remedies are always favored over drugs, because of drug side effects.  Drugs are helpful in the short time, but need to be discontinued at some reasonable time to prevent internal tissue damage, leading unwanted side effects.

So if you have constipation, where do you start using natural constipation remedies?  One of the first things you need to do is examine the amount of fiber you are eating.

Fiber is one of the best home remedies for constipation, since has a triggering action in your colon to start peristaltic bowel movements.  As fiber rubs against the colon walls it activate your colon to start movement. But, the use of fiber for constipation is only one of many things that you should do to eliminate constipation and to create health.

Fiber also prevents your chime or fecal matter in your colon from becoming mushy and thus more difficult to move through your colon.  In addition fiber attracts water so that your stools don’t become excessively hard.  Hard stools are also difficult to move through your colon.

If your stools do not float in your toilet water, sink to the bottom then, you are not eating enough fiber.  The amount of fiber you should eat each day should be between 20 to 40 mg.

So where do you get fiber? You get it from raw fruits and vegetables and slightly cooked vegetables.  Excess cooking of vegetables destroys the benefits of fiber.

How do you measure how much fiber you are getting?  You need to go to a site on the internet and for a list of fiber foods and the amount of fiber they contain. Then you can add up the fiber quantities based on what you eat.

Now the second thing you can do for constipation is between the time you wake up and noon time do not eat any heavy food.  What is heavy food?  Heavy food is like eggs, bread, meat, muffins, cereals, and so on.  If you do labor work then you need a good breakfast for energy, but if you work in an office, you don’t.

Heavy foods will block your natural bowel movement process.  Instead eat fruits and drink juices of any kind.  Start your day with a lemon and water drink, or lemon and tomatoes juices.  Try watermelon or melons for breakfast. So fruits or drinks activate peristaltic movement of your bowels.

Having a morning green drink which is which is either pure wheatgrass or a super green is a power way to help you get rid of constipation.  If the green drink is not tasty, then add some honey to make it more drinkable.

These are some ideas that you can implement right away to help you get constipation relief.  If you want many ideas and ways to add to your lifestyle to eliminate constipation and to keep your colon health, check my constipation e-book called “Constipation Natural Cures.”

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