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What is the price of dental veneers -

What is the price of dental veneers

Have you ever wondered how many times we smile a day?

We know that smiling is beneficial for health, but also smiling is our best business card . Having good oral health and aesthetics is essential. But teeth suffer a lot over the years: enamel wears or breaks, twists and becomes covered with unsightly yellowish stains.

Fortunately, today there are alternatives to hide those small aesthetic problems. Treatments such as dental veneers protect our teeth from acids and other external aggressions and transform our expression into a perfect smile.

How much does a dental veneer treatment cost?

The price of dental veneers depends fundamentally on the type of veneers that we want to put on (porcelain, composite) and the number of  teeth that we want to improve with the veneers (number of dental veneers).

In addition, we will have to see if it is necessary to carry out any previous treatment in our mouth to be able to put the veneers with the best aesthetic result, among the previous treatments we can have teeth whitening, tooth alignment, or a simple previous cleaning before the final placement of veneers.

Let’s see in detail these 3 points to determine the final price of dental veneers .

Number of dental veneer pieces

In a treatment with dental veneers, the number of veneers that we want to apply directly influences the final price. It is not the same to put 4 pieces to correct a specific problem in some teeth, than to put the 20 pieces that constitute the total of teeth in the upper and lower part of the denture.

Different veneers, different prices

The advantage of dental veneers treatment is that they can be applied at any age and do not damage the teeth. There are different types of dental veneers and each one with a different price:

Composite veneers . The simplest, which do not need any dental laboratory work.

Porcelain veneers . They are the most modern that use a special material and state-of-the-art technology. These veneers allow an ultra-reduced thickness of 0.3 mm. The price varies, between € 300 and € 750 / piece.

Lumineers veneers , e-max , Da Vinci . They are varieties other than porcelain.

On this website of dental veneers , you can see the latest developments in veneers on the market.

Before a veneer treatment

If we have already decided to completely change our mouth, we have to know that before undergoing a treatment of this type it is convenient to prepare our teeth. Thus the result of the veneers will be much better. There are several pre-treatments with different prices. We detail what can be done, step by step, to show off your smile.

. Previous cleaning: Before making the veneers we must prepare the teeth with a good oral cleaning. A simple step that would cost us only about 40 euros.

. Teeth whitening: It will depend on whether we decide to do a veneer treatment in the whole mouth or in part of it. This means, if it is complete of the 10 veneers in the upper jaw and the other 10 in the mandibular, it would not be necessary to bleach. But if the treatment is partial, it is advisable to previously carry out a whitening to homogenize and lighten the color of all the teeth in which the veneers are not made. This ensures that the entire mouth has a suitable and uniform color. This technique costs between € 300 and € 500.

. Gingivoplasty: For the whole mouth to be aesthetically adequate, it is convenient in many cases to perform a small plastic surgery of the gum. It is not a complex surgery, it is ambulatory and quick recovery. The cost of gingivoplasty varies between 35 and 60 euros per piece.

. Tooth alignment: We will achieve a perfect smile if the teeth are well aligned. If not, it is advisable to perform an alignment treatment before placing the veneers by placing transparent splints. The price varies depending on the time it takes to wear these devices.

. Peri-oral or facial aesthetic treatment: To achieve an aesthetically harmonious set of the mouth, it would be necessary to perform a global treatment, that is, to retouch the lips, corners, chin, cheekbones, jaw and nose.

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