How To Fix an AC Fan not Turning On?

One of the most typical concerns with an air conditioner is a broken or defective fan. You can hear the compressor functioning. You also feel the cool air that can be produced inside the machine and see all of the machine’s components functioning in unison. However, the AC fan not turning on can have many reasons. When you have an issue like this, then the cool air within can not reach you.

We’ll walk you through an entire troubleshooting method in this post to help you figure out why your AC fan isn’t turning on or working.

AC Blower Fan Won’t Turn On.

There can be some issues in the air conditioning system or HVAC system if the fan is not turning on.

Dual Shaft Motor

Check for any flaws or issues with the circulation fan motor or the dual shaft fan. There are two blades on this section, one on each side of the motor. The fan blade draws in outside air over the coil on one of the sides. However, if you are feeling any trouble finding the faulty part, you should get the service of Air Duct Sanitizing in Dunwoody, GA. It should work so that the unit can effectively dissipate the heat. 

The air is directed over the evaporator coil by the other blade. Bearings in the dual shaft or circulation fan motor might loosen or even bind over time. Twist the motor shaft to see whether any of these bearings are faulty. You have to replace the motor shaft if it’s loose or won’t turn at all.

Aircon Fan Motor

Now, use your hand to turn the blade of the fan motor to check for any faults. The motor bearings in the portion are worn out if it does not spin freely. In this case, you have to replace that element. Check the incoming electricity to the fan motor if you can rotate the blades. Consider replacing the fan motor if it can find the power, but it still won’t run.

The Main Control Boards

The primary and relay boards are in charge of supplying power and voltage to the air conditioner’s various components. The fan motor is one of these components. The fan will not run if these boards are failing. 

Before changing any of the boards, make sure by examining thoroughly about any other potential issues, such as defective fan motor capacitors or the fan motor itself. If you determine that these components are not the source of the problem, you can replace the faulty boards.

Temperature Controller

Different electrical contacts in an air conditioner’s temperature control thermostat have been known to fizzle or burn out over a period. You should call a home improvement service provider for Air Duct Cleaning in Dunwoody, GA. The thermostat will stop working if any of these contacts become burned out. 

If the compressor is working, then the fan motor must run continuously. If the compressor is working, but the fan motor is not, the fan motor’s capacitor may need to be replaced. Moreover, if both parts are not starting, you can use a multimeter to check for continuity in the temperature control thermostat. Replace it as well if it lacks consistency.


There is also another chance that the capacitor of the device has broken. So, you can test it by checking its continuity. You should change the capacitor if it does not have any continuity. Although, try to turn on the AC again.

The Rotary Switch

The rotary switch is in charge of turning on the motor. However, the buttons inside it can get squeezed and damaged over time. This frequently results in an inability to conduct electricity. Test a rotary switch using a tester to see whether it needs to replace it. Secondly, if it doesn’t have any continuity, it’s time to replace it.


The thermostat in the electronic appliance is in charge of keeping track of the surface temperature. When you see the temperature rise above a predefined value, the thermostat activates a switch, which powers up the compressor and fan. As a result, if the thermostat fails, the fan will not function properly. 

First, you should see if the thermostat is broken, turn on the air conditioner, and use a multimeter to check for connectivity. It’s time to change the thermostat if it doesn’t exhibit any continuity during this mode.

Selector Switch

It is making selections on the air conditioner’s control board that can reveal a faulty selector switch. It’s time to replace the switch if the fan starts working irregularly after pressing a button. However, if any smoke is coming from the switch, it is a strong indication that it has to be replaced right soon.

Shut the Power Off

You have to be careful because working around electricity and the air conditioner’s moving parts might be dangerous. It’s critical to switch off the power to the unit altogether. Must have a look for an external shut-off box near the unit on the exterior condenser/compressor.

Keep Maintaining the Air Conditioner Fan

Every time, try some maintenance options if your air conditioner fan suddenly stops operating. It will save you money by keeping you from purchasing a replacement part that your equipment does not require.

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