What should my rat’s cage be like?

Rats are gaining popularity, like other rodents, because they are friendly, take up little space, do not need to go for a walk in the street and require less care than cats and dogs . They have the advantage of being very clever , since they can be trained to perform some tricks and respond to your name; They are very affectionate and need you to take them out of the cage and play with them for at least an hour a day. As they are naturally sociable animals , it is better that they live in groups of at least two of the same sex, so they can interact without reproducing. In this post we explain how rat cages should be.

To house them you need a large wire rat cage . A glass aquarium will also work , which has the advantage that it is easier to clean, but does not have good ventilation. The cages for ferrets are very appropriate, because they have various levels and platforms where rats can climb and entertain and are large enough so that they lack exercise.

Make sure that the floor is not made of wire, as it is often associated with injuries and infections in the feet (as with other rodents). Some cages have a removable plastic tray at the bottom that allows for proper cleaning. If the floor is made of wire, you can put a melamine plate covering it, which can be well disinfected and changed when it deteriorates over time. If you can get a cage with horizontal bars so it can climb the walls.

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