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How to Fit and Style Your Chinos Properly -

How to Fit and Style Your Chinos Properly

Chinos are stylish men’s outfits, blessed with the exceptionality of looking simply as good with hoodies as a blazer. However, they may have a bad fit as well. No matter what you club them with, chinos will look terrible if you go very loose or very tight.

Fit is specifically essential with chinos due to their military heritage. Chinos got their inspiration from the khakis worn by the British arms in India in the 1800s. From work to weddings, fit and style are very important when it comes to wearing Chinos. Let’s have a look at the style guide given below if you want to avoid looking odd when wearing chinos!

Fit & Style Guide to Wear Chinos Correctly

Fit & Style Guide to Wear Chinos Correctly

1. Refrain from Anything Very Tight or Too Loose

Slim-fit chinos are the most flattering one but don’t go for anything skin tight. It would help if you looked at the fit of a pair of suit trousers and tried for the exact fit. Refrain from anything very tight or something that pulls whenever you try to sit down. However, it would help if you did not go very far the other way also. After all, baggy chinos are not the right fit for you. Make sure to have a pair of inches of fabric in your thigh area.

2. Your Chinos Need to Sit Perfectly on the Waist

You don’t have to wear a belt, although there are belt loops in Chino Pants. Your chinos must fit snugly on your waist. However, you can wear a belt to ensure the chinos fit if you have to size up to match the legs.

3. Style Is Everything

Style Is Everything

There are many types of chinos. If you are unsure whether you look smart, check the pockets. Flat pockets on your pants’ back look more smart-casual. Check the material weight as well. According to the general rule, if the weight is heavier, the chinos will look more casual.

4. Your Chino Pants Must End at the Ankle If Rolled

The cotton-twill chinos typically lend them to a roll-up due to their lightweight fabric. But you can roll them up on the hem once or twice, so these trousers end at your ankle. Otherwise, it will look like you got stuck in the water. The hem must hit the top of the shoes if you wear chinos without rolling them up.

5. Wear Almost Every Type of Shoes with Chino Pants

Shoes with Chino Pants

From wingtips to sneakers, you can wear nearly every kind of shoe with your chino pants. Go for sandals, sneakers, boat shoes, driving mocs, or loafers for summer or spring, and wear camp mocs, bluchers, brogues, chukkas, or boots for winter or fall. Flip flops and super dressy shoes are the only types of shoes you need to avoid as they don’t look good with chinos.

Now that you know how to style your chinos with a perfect fit grab one for you from a reputable online store like Callino London. Browse through their wide range of collections to make your purchase.


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